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Applying Remote Sensing

Spatial 3i generate information products from remote sensing imagery which can be more readily integrated with other information and data to assist in more informed decision making. More...


Spatial 3i works closely with forestry specialists such as MBAC Consulting Group to locate, map and assess forest resources using spatial technologies.

Primary Production

Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management (NRM) encompasses many application areas related to geography and spatial technologies such as.

  • Land Cover and Land Use Mapping
  • Weed Mapping
    Mapping Camphor Laurel in South East Queensland

SEQ Catchments are coordinating a project to map the distribution of Camphor Laurel on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Camphor Laurel has become a major weed species in the region. The aim of the project is to support both the Sunshine Coast Camphor Laurel Timber Initiative, and strategic management of this weed species by providing mapping of the weed’s distribution. It is a joint project involving community groups and Local Governments.

Bernard Fitzpatrick of Spatial 3i became involved with the project to provide advice, and a proposal to undertake the analysis of SPOT 5 multi-spectral satellite imagery to map the weed. After spending time listening to the project partners talking about their needs, Bernard realised that the project would achieve much more if the project partners had greater understanding and capacity to use GPS, GIS, spatial imagery, and field survey for mapping. Working with SEQ Catchments and the project team, Bernard has provided advice on mapping methodologies and undertaken some image analysis.

The project has built local community capacity and will provide an on-going solution to mapping local weeds.

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